Guidelines for Reservation of Rooms of Inspection Bungalows

Government of West Bengal
P.W. (Roads) Department

No. 603-R/Adt. Dated: 07.08.2008


Of late reports relating to unauthorized occupation of Inspection Bungalows under the control and management of P.W. (Roads) Deptt./ Directorate are being received from various quarters. It has further come to the notice of the department that reservation slips issued to the Govt Officer/staff were on many occasions handed over to their relatives and friends who subsequently occupied rooms of the I.Bs. This practice besides being irregular is fraught with grave risks from the security point of view. This has caused a considerable loss of Govt. revenue as well. The Govt. in the P.W. (Roads) Department have taken serious view of the matter and hence decided to revise the guidelines/ modalities that are being currently followed for reservation of rooms of inspection bungalows under its control.

It is, therefore, ordered that with a view to putting and end to such irregular practices concerned Executive Engineers under whose jurisdiction the I.B. are located as well as the bungalow booking section of this department will ensure that guidelines as noted below are complied with while issuing reservation slips for allotment of rooms and also at the time of check-in by the allottees.

  1. The application for allotment of room/rooms will contain the detailed information of the applicant and the person accompanying him/her. The applicant will be asked to produce an attested copy of his/her Office Identity Card/Voters’ Identify Card/PAN Card or any other photo document in support of his/her identity while submitting application for reservation of the Inspection Bungalows. The reservation slips to be issued by the booking section and Executive Engineers must invariably contain the serial number of one of the photo documents produced by the applicant.
  2. At the time of check in, the applicant is required to produce one of the above mentioned photo documents the serial number of which is mentioned in the reservation slip for subsequent entry of the same in the Register maintained by the care taking staff after verification.

The above mentioned guidelines are also applicable to persons holding other public Officers, who will be intending to stay in the Inspection Bungalows in future. Concerned Executive Engineers will make surprise visits to the Inspection Bungalows in order to ensure that the above mentioned guidelines are strictly complied with immediate effect.

The circular is issued with the concurrence of the Hon’ble M.I.C. P.W. & P. W. (Roads) Department and the Principal Secretary of this department.

Sd/- D.K. Chattopadhyay
Joint Secretary

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