Inclusion/ Rectification of Name/ Address under NFSA/ RKSY

Government of West Bengal
Food & Supplies Department
11A Mirza Ghalib Street, Kolkata-700 087

Memo No. 91 SS- FS/Sectt/Food/14R-01/2013 (Part-I) Dated 1st February, 2016


Subsequent to the rollout of NFSA & RKSY on 27.01.2016, it has been decided that it will be open to public to apply for getting ration under the Khadya Suraksha Yojana by making applications in the designated forms as detailed below:

(i) Form III-R (For Rural Areas) & III-U (For urban areas) for making applications to include persons/family members who have been entirely excluded from the current list of NFSA/ RKSY(except auto excluded persons).

(ii) Form IV-R (For Rural Areas) & IV-U (For urban areas) for applicants where some members of a family find place in the NFSA/RKSY beneficiaries list but they desire to include the left out family members.

(iii) Form V-R (For Rural Areas) & V-U (For urban areas) for rectification of errors, if any, in the name/address of holder in the existing NFSA/RKSY cards.

(iv) Form VI-R (For Rural Areas) & VI-U (For urban areas) for requesting change in the tagging of ration dealers.

2. The submission of applications in the above-noted forms may commence under the instructions of respective District Magistrates and the Municipal Authorities only after the distribution of RKSY/ NFSA cards are complete in each Block/ Municipal Ward.

3. All applications shall be received only at the Block Food Inspector’s Office in case of rural areas, at Municipal Food Inspector’s Office in non-SR Municipal areas, at RO’s Office in case of SR areas and in the Office of the Deputy Manager of Borough Offices in case of Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

4. The guidelines and modalities of enquiry and preparation of database will be issued in due course to the respective authorities.

Sd/- Special Secretary

Enclo: Specimen of Forms as stated above

No. 91-SS dated 01.02.2016