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Ration Card

Ration Cards are distributed by the Food and Supplies Department, Government of West Bengal.

Distribution of Foodgrains against Digital Ration Card

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Distribution of foodgrains shall mandatorily be done only by way of production of Digital Ration Cards by the beneficiaries with effect from 01.09.2017.

Life Cycle Management of Ration Card in West Bengal

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Procedure for issue of new ration card, duplicate ration card, cancellation of ration card and modification (Life cycle management of ration card) in West Bengal.

Distribution of Foodgrain on Submission of Old Ration Card

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Inclusion/ Rectification of Name/ Address under NFSA/ RKSY

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All applications shall be received only at the Block Food Inspector’s Office in case of rural areas, at Municipal Food Inspector’s Office in non-SR Municipal areas, at RO’s Office in case of SR areas and in the Office of the Deputy Manager of Borough Offices in case of Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

Lifting of Food Grains from Fair Price Shop Dealer

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In case of lifting of food grains from a Fair Price Shop dealer, the ration card holder shall have the option to lift the allocated quota of foodgrains, a) for current week; or b) following weeks

Status of Digitisation of Ration Card in West Bengal

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91 lakh bogus ration cards have been cancelled. The digitisation of ration cards has touched the figure of 7.80 crores – an unprecedented success.

Benefit of Lifting Lapsed Quota by a Ration Card Holder

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Ration card holders who failed to collect their weekly/fortnightly quota will be allowed to lift their lapsed quota during eight weeks following the week when his/her entitlement becomes due.

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