Mandatory Prescription of Drugs in Generic Names in OPD/ IPD

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Government of West Bengal
Health & Family Welfare Department
TDE branch, Swasthya Bhavan
GN 29, Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700 091

No. H/TDE/67/5S-01/13, Dated: 18.01.2013


The issue of mandatory prescription of drug in generic name to the patients in Public Health facilities has been under the active consideration of the Government in the Health & Family Welfare Department since sometimes past.

As the availability of quality generic drug has been assured through setting up of the Fair Price Medicine Shops (FPMS) at all Medical College & Hospitals, District Hospitals and other important Government Hospitals, patients would not face any difficulty in procuring the generic drug from FPMS. The use of drugs in generic names would surely help the patient to avail quality medicine at a much cheaper rate.

It is therefore decided that in all the Out patient departments, Indoor Patient departments, Polyclinics of all Government Hospitals and all other public health facilities, prescriptions shall be made out in generic name of drug. Combination drugs are, however excluded from this directives.

All the doctors engaged in Government health facilities are advised strictly to follow the above guideline in the interest of better patient care services.

Sd/- Joint Secretary

No. H/TDE/67 dated 18.01.2013, Source