Generic Medicine

Reimbursement of Medicine Cost in Non-Empanelled Hospital

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Yes, up to 60% or 80% (depending on the nos. of available beds of treating hospital) of cost for admissible medicines prescribed in Trade/ Brand name for indoor treatment is reimbursable.

Mandatory Prescription of Drugs in Generic Name – Reminder


Mandatory prescription of drug in generic name to the patients in public health facilities was a State Policy. All doctors to prescribe drugs/ medicines in generic name in the OPD/IPD/Emergency and also under the JSSK Programme.

Mandatory Prescription of Combination Drugs in Generic Names

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Doctors are to prescribe combination drugs with two molecules in generic names in the OPD, IPD and also in emergency department in the interest of better patient care services.

Mandatory Prescription of Drugs in Generic Names in OPD/ IPD

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All the Out patient departments, Indoor Patient departments, Polyclinics of all Government Hospitals and all other public health facilities, prescriptions shall be made out in generic name of drug.

Cost of Generic Medicines in Non-Empanelled HCO

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For treatment in non-empanelled Health Care Organisations, cost of medicines in generic names may be reimbursed in full. Trade name shall not be considered by any means.