NOC for General Transfer in Central School Service Commission

School Education,

The West Bengal Central School Service Commission
ACHARYA SADAN: 11 & 11/1, Block-EE, Salt Lake; Kolkata-700091

Memo No: 219/5277/CSSC/ESTT/2014 Dated: 30/01/2014


In Continuation of our earlier notice regarding General Transfer vide Memo No: 165/5277/CSSC/ESTT/2014 dated 20/01/2014, it is hereby being informed for the concerned candidates eligible for General Transfer and the authorities competent to grant No Objection Certificate (NOC) in this respect that a lot of complaints are being received by the West Bengal Central School Service Commission that the eligible candidate are being harassed, or not being allowed to get the NOC for which they are eligible as per West Bengal School Service Commission (General Transfer) Rules, 2013.

In this circumstances and facts mentioned above, the undersigned has been directed to inform all the competent authorities to issue NOC in favour of an eligible candidate for General Transfer without any pre concept or biasness or any misconception regarding the rule concerned. It is, further, hereby clarified that the person concerned to allow NOC shall be held responsible if any person/teacher is being deprived of the facilities of General Transfer as provided by the School Education Department, Government of West Bengal. The rule concerned, i.e. The West Bengal School Service Commission (General Transfer) Rules, 2013 is the final guideline regarding allowing General Transfer for eligible teachers superseding any other related rule by which the service condition of teachers and non-teaching staff of Non Govt. aided schools of Govt. of West Bengal is governed.

Note :

As per rule, only 25% of the existing staff of a particular institute can apply for General Transfer, subject to eligibility of other criteria strictly as per seniority. If it happens that a particular Assistant Teacher being in the 25% of Senior Teachers does not prefer to apply after getting the NOC from the competent authority for not having any school offered at the list of vacancy for General Transfer as per his/her choice, he must have to inform the competent authority that means the H.M. of the concerned school within 7 (seven) days of the time limit given for Log in to the list of schools and apply for General Transfer, that he/she will not prefer to file application for General Transfer this year.

On receipt of such communication from the concerned teacher, the H.M. of the concerned school shall then allow the next senior teacher of the school, if he/she is interested for General Transfer and issue a NOC in this regard, so that the person can get the opportunity of General Transfer. In such case, NOC can be issued to the next senior most teacher strictly in accordance to Rule during 18th Feb, 2014 to 25th Feb, 2014. to allow the person to file application for General Transfer.

After 25th Feb, 2014 as stated above, if again it is found that any teacher is not being interested to apply for General Teacher for not having any school of his/her choice, then the H.M. of the concerned school shall allow next senior most teacher to apply for General Teacher and shall issue a NOC in favour of such teacher. This process may continue upto 5th March of 2014.

If it happens that any teacher after getting NOC is not willing to prefer General Teacher for any cause, whatsoever, the teacher concerned should inform the H.M. of the concerned school to that effect within 7(seven) days from 11th Feb, 2014 or the date of issue of NOC in favour of him/her during any days from 18th Feb, 2014 to 5th March, 2014, otherwise such teacher shall not be allowed to apply for General Transfer in next five years, subject to the discretion of the West Bengal Central School Service Commission.

By Order of the Chairman, WBCSSC

Sd/- Assistant Secretary, WBCSSC

No. 219/CSSC dated 30.01.2014