Nodal Officer of Fare Price Medicine Shop

Government of West Bengal
Directorate of Health Services
Salt Lake City Kolkata – 700091

No. DHS/Singly/S-100/2013 Dated: 25.07.2013


With a view to reduce out of pocket expenses of the patients and to make quality medicines available at a lesser cost, 35 Fair Price Medicine Shops have been established at different Medical Colleges, District and Sub-Divisional Hospitals. In this current year more than 50 Fair Price Medicine Shops are being established.

Constant monitoring of the performance of Fair Price Medicine Shops at the District and Sub-Divisional Hospitals are required.

Accordingly, all Assistant Superintendent (NM) attached to District and Sub-Divisional Hospitals will be designated as “Nodal Officer” for the purpose of monitoring of performance of Fair Price Medicine Shops in their respective institutions.

Nodal Officers will send a daily report to Sri Prabir Kumar Lahiri, Special Secretary (PPP) about the sales (as per MRP), sales after discount, generic medicines sold as percentage of total medicines from the Fair Price Medicine Shop. They may also report the availability of generic medicine as per list, availability of JSSK medicines and any other important issue.

Superintendent of the District and Sub-Divisional Hospitals are hereby directed to intimate the name of the mobile phone number of the Nodal Officer in respect of their institution.

It is again reiterated that the State Monitoring Officers will also check up the performance of the Fair Price Medicine Shops.

All concerned are being informed.

Sd/- Dr. B. R. Satpathi
Director of Health Services & e.o. Secretary

No. DHS/Singly/S-100 dated 25.07.2013, Source

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