Online Queue Management System for Seamless Movement of Vehicles upto International Border Checkpost

Government of West Bengal
Transport Department
Paribahan Bhawan (1st Floor)
12, R. N. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700001.

No. 2568-WT/TPT-18/1/2022 Kolkata, the 12th July, 2022


Whereas it is proposed by the Information Technology & Electronics Department, Government of West Bengal to introduce an Online Queue Management System for seamless movement of vehicles upto International Border Checkposts through the proposed Online Queue Management system; and

Whereas it is being reported that the transporters/ exporters from all over the country who are exporting their goods to Bangladesh by road from various International Border Check Posts located at Indo-Bangladesh Border are facing acute problem of long travel times as well as other malpractices and at any given time there is a backlog of huge number of trucks waiting to reach India-Bangladesh Border checkposts; and

Whereas the fee structure was notified by this department vide No. 848-WT dated 16.03.2022 was for parking charges at parking facilities and no separate fee was notified for using such Online Queue Management system, and

Whereas the exporters/ transporters may book slot(s) for such seamless movement of vehicles upto International Border Check posts a fee may be imposed for usage of the software platform enabled by the IT&E Department;

Now, after careful consideration the Government of West Bengal in Transport Department orders that:-

  1. For Online Queue Management System portal developed by the Information Technology & Electronics Department, Government of West Bengal the fee imposed for availing Online Queue Management system will be as follows:
Sl. No.Type of consignmentAmount In rupees (per vehicle per entry)
1Chassis/ Unloaded TrucksRs 5,000/-
2.Loaded TrucksRs 10,000/-
  1. The Director, Transport Directorate shall be the Nodal Officer from Transport Department for effective coordination between the agencies.
  2. Any officer engaged for this purpose shall not liaise with his Bangladesh counterpart to facilitate the cargo transportation and should be confined to our territorial jurisdiction for the purpose of facilitating the transportation.
  3. Security in the matter should be given top-most priority.
  4. Proper Police checking of vehicles/ cargos should be done up to the BSF reach point.
  5. Notification number 848-WT/TPT-18/1/2022 dated 16.03.2022 will remain in operation, as usual.
  6. Medicine, Perishable goods and such other commodities to be given priority.

This is issued with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their UO No. Group R/2022-2023/0108 dated 12.07.2022

This will take immediate effect.

By order of the Governor,

Rajesh Kumar Sinha
Principal Secretary

No. 2568-WT dated 12.07.2022, Source

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