Payment of Additional Interest against GPF Final Payment Claim


No. 049-F(J) Dated: 21.05.2024

From: Joint Secretary to the Government of West Bengal

To: Additional Chief Secretary/ Principal Secretary/ Secretary
…………………. Department.

Subject: Payment of Additional Interest against GPF Final Payment claim.

Sir/ Madam,

I am directed to inform you that AGWB vide No. Fund Misc./CH-VI/State/2023-24/Out-220 dated 27/02/2024 has pointed out that additional quantum of interest for delayed period will have to be paid to the subscribers as per provisions laid down in Finance Department Memo no. 12310-F dated, 22.11.1978 on account of delay in finalizing of the final payment of GPF either due to forwarding of such cases in incomplete shape by HOD/HoO or delay in forwarding the same to the Office of A.G.(A&E), WB, which are not directly attributable to the claimants concerned and causes unnecessary burden on Government exchequer.

In view of the above and with a view to avoiding any such cases in future, I am directed to request you to kindly instruct the DDOs under your jurisdiction to strictly take careful and effective measures in forwarding aforementioned cases completely in prescribed formats as per following checklist in due time.


  1. Application for final payment should be submitted in proper form in due time prescribed by the government. (Form 10A where the subscriber is alive and Form 10B in case of death of a subscriber).
  2. DDO shall forward the application to AG, WB furnishing statutory certificates viz. drawal/ non-drawal of non-refundable advance, temporary advance, one time lumpsum 90% withdrawal, list of family members, missing credits, last GPF statement and Statement showing GPF deduction since the last GPF Statement to last date of deduction.
  3. A certificate of non-drawal advance/ part final withdrawal drawn by the subscriber from his/her GPF account during the period of only last 12 months immediately preceding the date of his/her quitting service (retirement/ death) mentioned in the concerned form is to be furnished by the head of office/ DDO.

Yours faithfully,

Sd/- Joint Secretary
to the Government of West Bengal

No. 49-F dated 21.05.2024, Source

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