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Payment of Service related Financial Benefit of a Transferee in College

Higher Education. , .

Government of West Bengal
Department of Higher Education
College Sponsored Branch
Bikash Bhavan, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700091

No. 1906-Edn(CS)/4C-87/2019 Dated, Kolkata the 19th November, 2019

Sub: Payment of service related financial benefit of a transferee of Govt. aided/ sponsored colleges.


In continuation of this Department’s earlier memorandum bearing No. 898-Edn(CS) dated 12.06.2019, on various issues related to transfer of employees of Govt.-aided/ Sponsored colleges, it is further clarified that any service related financial benefit allowed to a transferee and not paid by the college, from where the employee is transferred and released, will be disbursed by the college where the employee is transferred to, even if the pay fixation memo is issued for the earlier college. Concerned pay fixation memo issued to the earlier college shall be treated as if it has been issued to the new college of posting of the transferee. However, if the pay fixation memo has not been issued in the meantime, it will be issued in favour of the new college, even if the date of effect of this benefit falls before the date of transfer or the claim has been submitted by the previous college.

If the pay fixation memo has been issued for the earlier college, the college from where the employee is transferred will issue a non drawal certificate on the basis of an application of the concerned incumbent and send to the college where the employee is transferred to. In that case, the college where the employee is transferred to, will place the claim to the Pay Packet section of the office of the Director of Public Instruction, West Bengal with the support of pay fixation memo, transfer order, non-drawal certificate of the earlier college and other documents as required for payment of such claim.

Joint Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 1906-Edn dated 19.11.2019, Source