Instructions regarding Practical Examination of H.S. Examination, 2023

West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education
Vidyasagar Bhavan
9/2, Block DJ, Sector-II, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 91

No: L/SECY/84/2022 Date: 09/11/2022

Instructions regarding Practical Examination of H.S. Examination 2023

  • Higher Secondary Practical Examination, 2023 will be held within 05/12/2022 to 21/12/2022. Question paper for the Practical Examination will be given to the schools from the camp on 23/11/2022. It is compulsory to submit the hard copy of Marks Foil to the concerned Regional Office in person within the period from 02/01/2023 to 10/01/2023. It is to be noted that there is no need to appear at Practical Examination of a CC/SPL candidate who have passed such examination earlier.
  • The school authority will arrange for Practical Examinations in all subjects including Music and Physical Education at their own school. Only the concerned subject teacher will conduct the examination and evaluate the answer scripts. Concerned subject teacher of nearby school may be engaged for conducting practical exam if there is no teacher at the school. A written permission is required from the concerned regional office. In this case, the school authority will apply to the regional office along with the NOC of Head Master of nearby school and consent letter of the subject teacher of nearby school. There are three parts of a Marks Foil. It is mandatory to put the signature of the examinee at the space provided at the printed Marks Foil. Please put the marks obtained after signing of the examinee. The teacher will put the Marks at the three portion of the Marks Foil. Please put ‘AB’ in Red ink in the Marks Foil of the absentee candidate. The examinee will be treated absent if there is no signature at the space provided for signature.
  • The examiner will put his signature at the specified space after putting the marks in the Marks Foil. It is mandatory also to put the signature of the examiner on the Answer Scripts.
  • The school authority will preserve the “Institution Copy” as office record. There is no need of signature of Head Master on Marks Foil. Please do not separate the “HE/Region Copy” and “Computer Copy”. There copies are to be submitted to the concerned Regional Office in a sealed envelop. Please submit only the Marks Foil (HE/Region copy & Computer copy).
  • Please don’t submit the evaluated Answer Script of H.S. Exam (Practical) 2023 to the Region Office. You have to preserve the evaluated Answer Scripts at your institution. The council may collect the evaluated Answer Scripts as and when required.
  • Pre-printed ‘Top Sheets’ of Practical Examination are provided to the institutions from the year 2012. Evaluated Answer Scripts are to be preserved as per ‘Pre-printed Top Sheet’. You may put 100 (One hundred) answer scripts in a packet. More separate packets may be prepared if required. Pre-printed Top Sheet must be pasted on each and every packet. Photo copy of Pre-printed Top Sheet may be used for this purpose.

The institutions may contact the concerned Regional Office if required.


  • Don’t separate “Computer Copy” and “Region Copy”.
  • Signature of the examinee on Marks Foil is essential.
  • Please put ‘AB’ in red ink in case of absentee.
  • No need to submit the evaluated Answer Scripts to the Regional office.

W.B. Council of H.S. Education

No. L-SECY-84 dated 09.11.2022, Source

No. L-Secy-85 dated 09.11.2022

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