Guideline for Safety and Security icw Madhyamik Pariksha, 2023

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West Bengal Board of Secondary Education
DJ-8, Sector-II, Salt Lake, Karunamoyee, Kolkata-700091

Memo No.: 223/Sec/22 Date: 13/12/2022

To: All Head of the Institution
Upper Primary/ Secondary/ Higher Secondary Schools


This for information of all concerned that in context of Madhyamik Pariksha (S.E.) 2023, with reference to Memo No. 235-SSE/17 dated 26-10-2017 of Principal Secretary, Department of School Education, Government of West Bengal, the following measures as given in the said guideline, is being reiterated and adoption:

1) Headmaster or Teacher-in-Charge in every school will constitute a Student Safety and Security Monitoring Committee (SSMC) with following members and will convene its meeting bi-monthly;

In upper Primary/ Secondary Schools:

(i) Headmaster/ Teacher-in-Charge/ Chairman/

(ii) A female teacher or A male teacher, in case a female teacher is not available.

(iii) President of the School Managing Committee (iv-v) Two guardians representatives.

(vi) Invitee member(s) from the department of Health and Family Welfare/ Police Department/ As per specific requirement.

2) All steps should be taken for prevention of vector borne deceases, Dengue and malaria. For this purpose school campus must be neat and clean with no water logging.

3) Drinking water sample should be drawn and be tested at Water testing labs of Public Health Engineering Department, Government of West Bengal. Necessary remedial action shall be taken as per the result of such water testing report.

4) All schools will ensure the provision of separate toilets for girls, boys, schools employees and visitors.

5) Where ever possible School will provide CCTV cameras in all vulnerable areas and will ensure that such cameras are working all the times.

6) Electrical wiring fans, tubelights and bulbs should be checked for safety monthly. Ceiling fans should be checked for ensuing that they do not fall. Once in six months an electrician should certify safety of electrical connections.

7) The message of Safe Drive, Save Life and traffic safety should be discussed and displayed in schools.

The copy of the above referred Memo is enclosed herewith for implementation for all students in general and in detail and compliance report of the same be sent to Board in due course.

Yours faithfully,

Secretary, WBBSE

N.B.: Board’s earlier notification in this regard-memo no. D.S. (Aca)/42/S/73 did. 26.02.2018

No. 223-Sec dated 13.12.2022, Source