Result of GDA (Group D) Appointment through PSC

Government of West Bengal
Directorate of Health Services
Swasthya Bhavan, GN-29, Sector-V
Salt Lake, Kolkata-91

No. HPT/10M-47-11/Part I/4500, Dated: 28.06.2013

The Principal/Director/ Medical Superintendent -cum- Vice Principal/ Principal Superintendent/ Medical Superintendent/ Superintendent

Medical College, Kolkata-73/ NRS Medical College, Kolkata-14/ Calcutta National Medical College, Kolkata-14/ R G Kar Medical College, Kolkata-4/Dr. B C Roy Post Graduate Institute of Paediatric Sciences, Kolkata-54/ IPGME&R, Kolkata-20/IPGMER & SSKM Hospital, Kolkata-20/ Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata-73/ NRS Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata-14/ Calcutta National Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata-14/ R G Kar Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata-4/ Dr. R Ahmed Dental College & Hospital, Kolkata-14/ Abinash Dutta Maternity Home, Kolkata-5/ Pasteur Institute, 2, Convent Lane, Kolkata-15/ IBTM&IH (formerly Central Blood Bank), Kolkata-6/ Chittaranjan Seva Sadan, Kolkata-26/ College of Medicine & Sagar Dutta Hospital, Kolkata-58/ ID & BG Hospital, Kolkata-10/ Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Medical College campus, Kolkata-73/ Bangur institute of Neurology, Kolkata-25/ Sambhu Nath Pandit Hospital, Kolkata-20/ Lady Dufferin Victoria Hospital, Kolkata-9/ Central Combined Laboratory, Kolkata-15/ Lumbini Park Mental Hospital, Kolkata-39/ Kolkata Pavlov Hospital, Kolkata-46/ B C Roy Diagnostic Research Laboratory & Poly Clinic,36, Nirmal Chandra Street, Kolkata-13/ Institute of Psychiatry, Kolkata-25/ Vidyasagar State General Hospital, Kolkata-34/M R Bangur Hospital, Kolkata-33.

Sub: Appointment of GDA (Gr. D) as recommended by the Public Service Commission, West Bengal.

Pursuant to the recommendations of the Public Service Commission, West Bengal and in compliance with the order passed by the Hon’ble WBAT dated 15.03.2013 in 22 applications viz. O.A 135/12, 211/12, 369/12, 386/12, 396/12, 407/12, 528/12, 592/12, 641/12, 642/12, 643/12, 702/12, 703/12, 704/12, 712/12, 718/12, 719/12, 720/12, 740/12, 761/12, 867/12 & 929/12 the following actions are being taken/ have to be taken at your end :

1. A list of candidates recommended by the Public Service Commission, West Bengal for the appointment to the posts of GDA (Gr. D) in your institution is annexed herewith.

2. The original applications of the candidates along with other relevant papers like photocopies of mark sheet/admit card/caste certificate etc. are lying with this office under sealed cover. You are requested to authorise a competent person to collect the said documents from this end.

After receiving the same you should issue order of appointment to the candidates after completing the necessary verifications as follows:-

1. Verification of photograph and signature of the candidates as given in the applications.
2. Verification of Date of Birth and Educational qualifications from original documents.
3. Verification of SC/ST/BC certificate from the competent authority.
4. Verification of antecedents (Police Verification).
5. Medical Examination.

The process of verification of antecedents and medical examination should be initiated immediately.

The original applications and other documents in respect of the candidates who do not join should be returned to this Directorate immediately.

Enclo: As above

Director of Health Services &
e.o. Secy., Govt. of West Bengal

Name List – I, Name List – II, Source

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