RTA Burdwan issue permits to 1870 Auto-Rickshaws in Asansol

Government of West Bengal
Transport Department
Paribahan Bhaban
12, R. N. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata – 700 001

No. 854-WT/TR/8S-16/2005 Dated: 23.02.2016


Whereas, the Government in the Transport Department had issued notification no 4596-WT/8S-16/2005 dated 20/10/2006 in exercise of powers conferred under section 71(3)(a) and 74(3)(a) directing State Transport Authority and Regional Transport Authority to limit the number of stage carriages and contract carriages by not issuing any new permit on any route touching/ terminating at or originating from any area within the municipal limits of Asansol city in the district of Burdwan;

And, Whereas, the population in the areas under the jurisdiction of entire Asansol Municipal Corporation has increased exponentially ever since the above mentioned notification has been issued;

And, Whereas, the State Government is mandated to provide adequate public transportation facilities for the residents and the commuters both from the city of Asansol and to it as well;

And, Whereas, the State Government has been receiving proposals on the urgency of putting in place such facilities from various organisations and different cross sections of people;

And, Whereas, the local administration has also stressed the need on introduction of new transportation facilities from time to time, particularly small vehicles like autorickshaws;

And, Whereas, the District Magistrate, Burdwan has submitted to the Government that with the rapid growth of urbanisation and development of various services coupled with coming up of major infrastructural facilities like Plants, Hospitals, University, Colleges, etc. since the issuance of the aforesaid notification, the State Government should take a holistic view of the situation and also recommended regularisation of 1870 (one thousand eight hundred and seventy) auto-rickshaws already running in Asansol, as proposed by the Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Asansol;

And, Whereas, the State Government has duly considered the issues connected with the matter and upon such consideration decided to accede to the proposal in a phased and structured manner towards augmentation of the actually available public transportation facilities;

Now, therefore, the Governor has been pleased to direct that the Regional Transport Authority, Burdwan may issue permits to such 1870 (one thousand eight hundred and seventy only) auto-rickshaws within the municipal areas of Asansol Sub-Division, in exercise of powers conferred under Section 74(3)(a) of the West Bengal Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 (Act 59 of 1988) and in partial relaxation of Transport Department’s Notification No. 4596-WT/8S-16/2005 dated 20/10/2006, subject to strict observance of, inter alia, the following conditions:

  1. RTA, Burdwan shall be the competent authority to issue permits for all these autorickshaws in terms of section 74(2) of the West Bengal Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 (Act 59 of 1988).
  2. Terminal/ Stand facilities for the routes, as may be required, have to be created and ensured by the RTA concerned in consultation with Police and Municipal authorities before granting such permits on the aforesaid routes.
  3. Introduction of alternative green fuel for plying the autos should be encouraged whenever and wherever opportunities in this regard unfold.
  4. Owner-driven auto rickshaws may be prioritised during processing of cases.

This takes immediate effect.

Joint Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 854-WT dated 23.02.2016

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