Slaughter of Animals for Celebration of Eid-Uz-Zoha, 2022


In compliance with the orders passed by the Hon’ble High Court, Calcutta, this is to inform all concerned that in celebration of ‘ID-UZ-ZOHA’ on 10.07.2021, the following provisions are to be followed strictly.

a) No person shall slaughter any animal (animal here means bulls, bullocks, cows, calves, male and female buffalos, buffalo calves and castrated buffalos) unless he has obtained in respect thereof a certificate that the animal is fit for slaughter.

b) The Chairman of a Municipality or the Sabbapati of a Panchayat Samity and a Veterinary Surgeon may issue a certificate under their joint signatures regarding fitness of an animal for slaughter, if they are both of the opinion to be recorded in writing that the animal is over 14 (fourteen) years of age and unfit for work or breeding or the animal has become permanently incapacitated from work or breeding due to age, injury, deformity or any incurable disease.

c) In case of refusal to issue such certificate, the aggrieved person may prefer an appeal to the State Government within 15 (fifteen) days of communication of such refusal.

d) An animal, in respect of which such certificate has been issued, shall be slaughtered only in a Municipal Slaughter House or any other Slaughter House identified by the local administration.

e) Slaughter of animals, for which a certificate has been issued, shall be strictly prohibited in any open public place.

f) Nobody shall resist inspection of any premises by a person authorized, in writing, by the Chairman of a Municipality or the Sabbapati of a Panchayat Samity as the case maybe or the Veterinary Surgeon for implementing the provisions of the West Bengal Animal Slaughter Control Act, 1950.

g) Whoever contravenes any of the provisions contained in the West Bengal Animal Slaughter Control Act, 1950, shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months or with fine which may extend to Rs. 1,000/- or with both. All offences under the 1950 Act shall be cognizable.

h) Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in the case of Md. Hanif Quareshi and others-Vs-The State of Bihar held that sacrifice of a cow is no part of the festival of Id-Uz-Zoha and is not a religious requirement under Islam.

i) The relevant decisions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and the Calcutta High Court are available in the official website of the Department being

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