Special Instruction for Madhyamik Pariksha (S.E.), 2016

Nivedita Bhawan, Block – DJ8, Sector-II, Karunamoyee, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700 091.

Special Instructions to the Officers-in-Charge, Centre Secretaries, Venue Supervisors/ Head of the Institutions, Addl. Venue Supervisors, Custodians for smooth conduct of Madhyamik Pariksha (S.E.)-2016 (Both Regular & External).

1. After getting information from the concerned Custodian regarding arrival of Confidential Papers, Officer-in-Charge & Centre Secretary will count the parcels and arrange to keep the same in Steel Trunks safely.1. Do not allow any other Centre Members except Custodian, Officer-in-Charge & Centre Secretary while sorting and taking out the confidential papers.
2. After getting “P” marked packet from the Custodian, only the Officer-in-Charge & Centre Secretary will sort out the Confidential Papers date-wise, subject-wise according to DECODING STATEMENT & VENUE-WISE ALLOTMENT LISTS as supplied by the Board, Officer-in-Charge & Centre Secretary will deposit their bags & Mobiles while sorting and taking out the confidential papers,2. Do not allow any non-teaching staff or Group-D staff to receive the confidential papers.
3. For day to day delivery of Confidential Papers from one venue to another venue (in case of having no. of venues) Route Chart with Timings are to be prepared by the Officer-in-Charge & Centre Secretary along with concerned Custodian, so that the deliver/ of the same to the last venue can be completed latest by 10.30 a.m. positively. In this connection Police Personnel are to be tagged for escorting the confidential papers accordingly and at the same time deployment of Police personnel in each venue well in advance before arrival of confidential papers.3. Do not allow anyone to go outside the venue once the confidential papers are opened and till completion of the examination.
4. Centre Supervisor & Addl. Centre Supervisor of each venue will also be present well in advance before arrival of confidential papers. Only Centre Supervisor is empowered to receive the confidential papers.4. Do not allow to use Mobile Phones, Electronic Gadgets, Calculator etc. by the examinees in the examination hall. Prior intimation in this regard is to be given accordingly. Otherwise that will be forfeited permanently.
5. Verify minutely the Symbol of cloth covered parcels, Colour of envelops, subjects, date of examination while cutting & opening the confidential papers,5. Do not allow to use Mobile Phone by any Teaching, Non-teaching, Group-D, Para-teachers, Invigilators, whoever present in the venue during the span of examination. Prior intimation in this regard is to be given accordingly. They have to deposit their Phones in switch off mode to the Head of the Institution.
6. Take special care while distributing the confidential papers for FIRST LANGUAGES and different versions of other compulsory subjects.6. Do not allow any Para-teacher or contractual teacher for invigilation duties.
7. After allotment of Room-wise confidential papers, keep the extra confidential papers in safe & sealed custody positively .7. Do not allow any examinee to leave the examination hall before one hour. If anyone wants to leave the hall, ensure that his/her question paper is deposited to invigilator. No examinee can take out the question paper before the schedule time of examination.
8. Distribute the Question Paper to each examinee at 11,45 a.m. for reading and subsequently the Blank Answer Sheet at 11.55 a. m. for writing name, roll no. etc. and writing of answers by the examinees will start at 12-00 noon positively.8. Do not allow any guardian to enter into the examination hall along with the candidates except first day of examination. Ensure they are left from the venue 45 minutes before the schedule time of examination.
9. Ensure of putting of signature by all the examinees in the Attendance-cum-Signature Sheets. In case of Absent put “ABSENT” mark by RED INK.9. Do not mention the Centre Name on any documents. Only Centre Code No. is to be used.
10. Put signature by the Invigilators on each written answer scripts and even on the loose sheet as supplied. 10. Do not allow any gossiping or newspaper reading during the span of invigilation.
11. Behave politely to the examinees.11. Do not grant any leave during the span of examination. (Except under any prolonged treatment for serious type of illness). Do not allow any visiting team during the span of examination.
12. Arrangement of Invigilators or Benches from nearby non-venue schools in case of shortage, 12. Do not allow any Print or Electronic Media to enter into the hall during the time of examination.
13. Separate arrangements for sick or chicken pox candidates. In case of hospitalized candidate or accident cases of distance places, arrange to provide question paper and unstamped blank answer sheet from nearby venue school to start their examination.13. Do not distribute any torn, damaged or unstapled blank answer sheet.
14. Take precautionary measures to prevent vandalism. In spite of that if anything happens, the school of the concerned candidates will be liable to bear compensation accordingly.14. Do not put Stamp of Centre Code No. and facsimile of Officer-in charge on bulk quantity of blank answer sheets in advance. Put the same according to requirement, Do not put any thin packet containing written answer scripts of Additional Subjects in gunny bag or parcel while sending back the unused blank answer sheets.
15. Addl. Venue Supervisor, as appointed by the Board, should get thoroughly accustomed with four types of SMS System such as :

b. Arrival of Question Papers – in reply write AQP yes or no

c. Commencement of examination – in reply write CE yes or no

d. Smooth progress of examination – in reply write SPE yes or no

e. Smooth completion of examination – in reply write SCE yes or no

16. Despatch all unused blank answer sheets to respective Regional Offices or to Nivedita Bhawan, Salt Lake within 16-02-2016 by Railway Parcel within the limit of SO Kgs. Weight or through messenger.
17. Mobile Phones can be used only by the Officers-in-charge, Centre Secretaries, Venue Supervisors & Addl, Venue Supervisors to contact with the Board as and when required.
18. The teachers of the non-participating schools must do the invigilation duty, if they are requisitioned by the Venue Supervisor/Centre Secretary/Officer-in-charge. The H.M, of the concerned schools must allow them for that purpose and have to put “On Duty” for them in the Attendance Register.

Sd/- Kalyanmoy Ganguly

Date: 26.01.2016