Status of Scheduled Castes Students in Universities/ Institutions

Status of Scheduled Castes Students in Universities/ Institutions as per attached proforma by National Commission for SCs.


No. ED-1027/2013 Dated: 21.10.2013

From: Dr. Dipak Ranjan Mandal,
Director of Public Instruction, West Bengal.

To: The Principal/ OIC/ TIC of Govt./ State-Aided Colleges of West Bengal

Sub: Check List for visits to the Universities/ Institutions to enquire into status of Scheduled Castes students – regarding.

Sir/ Madam,

In enclosing a copy of the letter No. 3/4/2013-RU/WB dated 22.08.2013 of the National Commission for Scheduled Casts along with copies of its enclosures, I am to request you to take appropriate action from your end and to send the information as per check list to this office at an early date.

Yours faithfully,

Sd/- Dipak Ranjan Mandal
Director of Public Instruction, West Bengal.

Government of India
National Commission for SCs
(A Constitutional Body set up under Article 338 of the Constitution of India)
Ground Floor, Mayukh Bhawan,
Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700 091.
Ph: 033-2337 0977, 2321 3259.

No. 3/4/2013-RU/WB Dated: 22.08.2013

To: Principal Secretary
Department of Higher Education
Govt. of West Bengal
Vikash Bhawan, Salt Lake City, Kolkata-700 091.

Sub: Check List for visits to the Universities/ Institutions to enquire into status of Scheduled Castes Students – regarding.


I am to refer to National Commission for SCs, New Delhi’s letter No. 20/40/Misc/Checklist/2013/ESDW dated 19.7.2013 and to enclose the copy of the same on the subject matter cited above.

2. It is requested for collecting information as per enclosed format from all the State Universities/ Institutions falling under your State and submission of the same within 15 days from the day of receipt of this letter.

3. The same may be treated as MOST URGENT and soft copy of the reply may also please be e-mailed to within the time period mentioned herein.
Encl: As above.

Yours faithfully,

Sd/- Rajib Bhattacharyya

Check list for visit to the University/Institutions to enquire into the status of Scheduled Castes Students.

Sl. No.Check PointsAnswers
1.Whether the University/ Institution run by the Govt. or Private 
2.Total number of students admitted in the University/ Institutions 
3.Number of General Students admitted 
4.Number of SC students admitted 
5Number of ST students admitted 
6.Number of OBC students admitted 
7.Number of courses 
8.Number of Engineering/ Technical courses and their names 
9Number of Medical courses and their names 
10Number of Professional courses and their names 
11Number of General courses and their names 
12Number of Scholarships given to the reserved category students under the schemes 
13Amount of Scholarship 
14Reimbursement of fee/ Expenditure on books and stationary/ dress 
15When the Scholarship awarded whether at the end of the academic session or beginning of the academic session 
16If student admitted on zero fee basis the amount of scholarship is given to the student or the Institution/ University 
17The mode of transaction of payment of scholarship either in the Bank account of the students or Cash (or) through DBT 
18Any grievance redressal system with regard to payment of scholarship adopted by the Institution/University 

No. ED-1027 dated 21.10.2013

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