MV (Registration and Functions of Vehicle Scrapping Facility) Rules, 2021


Director of Transport Directorate shall act as Registration Authority as per Motor Vehicles (Registration and Functions of Vehicle Scrapping Facility) Rules, 2021.

Disposal of Scrap/ Condemned/ Obsolete Items through e-Auction portal of MSTC Limited

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Governor has been pleased to accord approval for disposal of scrap/ condemned/ obsolete items through e-auction portal of MSTC Limited for which upto 3% of the H1 (sale value) may be allowed to MSTC Limited as service charges.

Provisions regarding Dynamic e-Auction Process in West Bengal

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“Starting Bid Price” fixed by the “Auction Inviting Authority” is not confidential and shall be displayed at auction bid page against each item for information to the bidder.

e-Tender/ e-Auction is Mandatory for Parastatals

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e-Tender/ e-Auction is mandatory and the Managing Director, Commissioner/ Chief Executive Officer/ Executive Officer/ Finance Officer/ Secretary and other office bearers will be held responsible.

Fixation of Reserve Price and its Disclosure during Auction

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The reserve price approved by the Departmental will be kept confidential in sealed packet under custody of the officer in charge of the tender/auction, till opening of the financial bids.

Rules regarding the Auction Sale of Government Properties

Public Works,

Executive Engineer concerned shall arrange for the sale of Government properties by public auction for and on behalf of the Governor. Under no circumstances shall any Government property be disposed of by private arrangement.

Condemnation Testing Committee for Public Auction of Old Vehicles


Governor has been pleased to approve the undernoted revised guidelines to be followed in respect of every government vehicle owned by different Departments or Directorates before the same is condemned.

Normal Life of Vehicles before Condemnation and Disposal


Determination of the normal age of the state government vehicles to be taken into consideration while condemning them before disposal.