Bridge Course

Bridge Course of 48 Days in Madrasah Every Year (January to April)

Madrasah Education,

The main intention of this course is to bridge or make up the learning gaps of the students of class five for basic skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing skills using about 48 working days i.e. the first term from January to April of every year.

Result of 1 Year Bridge Course Examination, 2014 for Ex-PTTI

School Education, , ,

Result of 1 Year Bridge Course Examination, 2014 for Ex-P.T.T.I (un-employed) candidates has been published on 07.04.2015. Mark-sheets and Certificates will be distributed from 18.05.2015.

1 year Bridge Course through ODL Mode by WBBPE

Higher Education,

NCTE approved B.Ed Colleges may make available their infrastructure for holding One year Bridge Course for 29,907 primary school teachers under the supervision of WBBPE.

Bridge Course Final Examination for Primary Teachers

School Education,

Notification for one year Bridge Course Final Examination (ODL Mode), 2012 will be held on and from 21.05.2012 to 25.05.2012 and 28.05.2012 as per following schedule.