Bridge Course of 48 Days in Madrasah Every Year (January to April)

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Memo No. 183/Aca/20 Date: 06/02/2020



  • After discussion with the academic council the Head master/ Head mistress/ Teacher-in-Charge or Superintendents will select three/four assistant teachers of Bengali/Urdu, English, Mathematics and Arabic (for Senior Madrasah) for the bridge course of Class V.
  • The main intention of this course is to bridge or make up the learning gaps of the students of class five for basic skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing skills using about 48 working days i.e. the first term from January to April of every year.
  • After the completion of this course the students would be able to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to achieve the required learning level of class-V standard.
  • West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education has uploaded in the website ‘’ the sample “Base Line Test” questionnaire in various subjects. Following the sample question, the teachers of the Madrasah will prepare themselves the question paper to evaluate the Learning level of the students in respect of above mentioned four basic skills. Accordingly a ‘Base line Test’ in Bengali/Urdu, English, Arabic (for senior Madrasah only) and Mathematics will be conducted by the chosen teachers on suitable date. After evaluating the answer scripts, the students will be divided into three groups like weak, average, advanced/ good according their performance in the ‘Base Line Test’. The score-sheet in respect of said basic skills shall be prepared for each student in each subject. Keeping in mind the existing learning level of the students, every teacher will get one hour on each day for about 48 working days to bridge the learning gaps. Within this specified time it is expected that the students will achieve expected learning skills. Necessary learning-teaching materials may be designed/ prepared with the help of other colleagues and Head of the Madrasah for the purpose of the course. Now the concerned teacher will start the course according to the following sample schedule and continue up to middle of April in each year.

Time schedule (January to April of every year)

10.50-11:50Bengali/ Urdu
01:31- 02:30Mathematics
02:31- 03:30Arabicfor Senior Madrasah Only
  • After completion of the academic class at the end of the April, an ‘End Line Test’ may be conducted keeping in mind the ‘Base Line Test’. Evaluating the Answer scripts a Score-sheet will be prepared accordingly. Comparing the two scores improvement in respect of basic skills of each student can be identified.
  • Now student-wise comparative study report will be prepared with the help of the score sheet for the ‘Base Line Test’ & score sheet for the ‘End Line Test’ and the same to be transmitted to the Board at an early date.
  • Like previous years, all Head of the Madrasahs henceforth are requested to continue the Bridge Course every year without break until further order.

Sd/- Secretary
West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education

No. 183/Aca/20 dated 06.02.2020 (English), No. 183/Aca/20 dated 06.02.2020 (Bengali)

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