Siksha Bandhu

Siksha Bandhus are the grass root level workers of SSA. So they are to participate in all types of activities of SSA at grass root level.

Annual Enhancement of Remuneration @ 3% for Para Teachers

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Governor has been pleased to accord approval for an yearly enhancement of remuneration @ 3% in respect of Para teachers and other categories of personnel engaged under SSM, SSK and MSK teachers who have been brought under School Education Department in the recent past.

Project DIPANKAR – The Child Tracking System

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State Government had requested the NIC to prepare a Project Report called “Dipankar” for tracking the educational progress of every child throughout the elementary stage.

40% Enhancement of Remuneration of Siksha Bandhu

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Consolidated remuneration of Shiksha Bandhu of PBSSM will be enhanced by 40% (forty percent) of their existing rate of remuneration as entitled in their individual capacity.

Employees Provident Fund for Para-Teachers, Shiksha Bandhus

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Implementation of Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952, in respect of Para Teachers, Shiksha Bandhus and Other contractual employees under Paschim Banga Sarava Shikhsa Mission.

UTKARSHA ABHIJAN – Quality of Education in Primary Schools of WB

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A process of assessment would be taken up between the period of 9th to 21st December 2013 where a stipulated number of students, randomly selected would be taken up. Not less than 20% of all the primary schools of a district are to be covered. This assessment process is the “UTKARSHA ABHIJAN – 2013”.

Maternity Leave of Contractual Employees of PBSSM

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The period of maternity leave to all contractual employees under PBSSM is extended from 135 days to 180 days with effect from the date of issue of this order No. 165-SE dated 19.02.2013.

Duties and Responsibilities of Para Teacher, VRP, Siksha Bandhu

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Child tracking means tracking students who absent themselves from schools by visiting their houses and meeting their family and trying to bring them back to school.

Para Teacher, VRP, Siksha Bandhu under Sarba Siksha Abhijan

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All Para Teachers, VRP and Siksha Bandhus will now be engaged by the District Project Officer on the basis of the recommendation of a District Level Committee consisting of following members.

Salary Increment of Para Teachers, Siksha Bandhus

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State Government will bear the expenditure if the Government of India stops funding the PBSSM Project before their cessation of engagement attaining 60 years of age.

Remuneration of Different Contractual Employees of PBSSM

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Enhancement of remuneration of different contractual employees of Paschim Banga Sarva Shiksha Mission in State Project Office, District Project Office and Circle Level Resource Centre.
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