Employees Provident Fund for Para-Teachers, Shiksha Bandhus

For implementation of Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952, in respect of Para Teachers, Shiksha Bandhus and Other contractual employees under Paschim Banga Sarava Shikhsa Mission, engaged under contractual basis and to remain engaged till attainment of the age 60 years vide no. 886-SE (Pry)/PBRPSUS/ADMN/9/04-05 (Pt-II) dated 16.11.2010 and No. 898-SE (Pry)/PBRPSUS/ADMN/9/04-05 (Pt-II) dated 22.11.2010, as per order of the Secretary, School Education Department (No. 24-SE(EE) dt. 13.01.2015) Shri Jayanta Roy Mukherjee has been engaged for installation of software for Employees Provident Fund and Payroll Management in all 21 Educational districts and State Project Office.

For installation of software, employees details/ data as per following format should be readily available in your district in respect all eligible persons as mentioned above.


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