Submission of Declaration of Assets Statement

State Vigilance Commission, West Bengal
Bikash Bhawan, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 91.

Memo No. 2980/V/1E-12/12, Dated: 05.09.2012

From: The OSD & Ex-Officio Secretary, State Vigilance Commission, West Bengal.

To: Principal Secretaries/Secretaries to the Government of West Bengal, Public Works Department, Writers’ Buildings, Kolkata-1.

Sub: ‘Declaration of Assets’ Statement – submission, of.


In terms of rule 15(4) of the West Bengal Government Servants’ Conduct Rules, 1959 and rule 3(6) of the West Bengal Service (Duties, Rights and Obligations of the Government Employees) Rules 1980, as the case may be, it is obligatory on the part of a Government servant to submit the Declaration of Assets of movable and immovable properties in a sealed cover regularly and timely. Non-submission or delayed submission of Declaration of Assets means violation of the rules and renders the Government servant liable to disciplinary action.

It is often found that in many cases Government servants do not submit their Declaration of Assets regularly and within the prescribed time. It should be impressed upon them by their controlling authorities that submission of Declaration of Assets regularly and timely is the primary responsibility of the Government servants themselves and that the onus of proving submission of declaration is primarily placed on the Government servants. For this purpose a Government servant should obtain a receipt from the authorities to whom the declarations are submitted. Serious view is taken by the Government of cases of non-submission or delayed submission of the Declaration of Assets. Relevant Government instructions in this connection may be seen in Home (G.A.) Departments memorandum No. 301-GAC (Vig.) dated 10th May, 1973.

The heads of all departments/ directorates/ offices should ensure that all non-gazetted and gazetted employees under them submit their Declaration of Assets by the due dated i.e. the 30th April of Every year. The department etc. should send a report to the Vigilance Commission by the 15th May every year to the effect that the staffs have submitted their Declarations of Assets. For this purpose a register should he maintained by the department to watch timely submission of the declarations.

The Secretaries of the Administrative Department will maintain the declarations under their custody. The task and responsibility of receiving and maintaining the declarations of assets and also of taking follow-up action in regard to the defaulters should be assigned to a particular officer (preferably the Vigilance Officer) in the department/ directorate/ office . The Vigilance Officer should see that in case of failure of the part of the erstwhile gazetted officers and non-gazetted staff in this department/ directorate /office to submit the declarations in time, appropriate disciplinary action is taken against the defaulters. In this connection Government instructions as contained in Home (GA) Department’s Memo No. 302-GAC (Vig) dated 10-5-73 may be referred to.

I am directed to request you that a status report on submission of ‘Declaration of Assets’ statement for the last three years by the employees and officers under the control of your Department may please be sent to the Commission within a month.

Yours faithfully,

Sd/- OSD & ex-officio Secretary
State Vigilance Commission, West Bengal

No. 2980 dated 05.09.2012

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