‘Sweeper’ and ‘Jamadar’ -> ‘Karmabandhu’ and ‘Karmasathi’

Finance [Audit] Department, 10th floor “NABANNA”
Mandirtala, Howrah – 711 102

No. 3421-F(P) Dated, Howrah the 30th June, 2014.


The Government has for some time past been considering the matter for change of nomenclature of the post of ‘Sweeper’ and ‘Jamadar’ in Government establishments.

Now, after careful consideration the Governor has been pleased to decide that the nomenclature of the post of ‘Sweeper’ and ‘Jamadar’ under different establishments of the Government shall stand redesignated as ‘KARMA BANDHU’ and ‘KARMASATHI’ respectively.

Governor has been further pleased to decide that the concerned administrative departments will issue similar order in respect of Local and Panchayat Bodies, Under takings, Corporations, Boards etc under them.

Sd/- A.K. Das
O.S.D. & Ex Officio Joint Secretary
Government of West Bengal
Finance Department

No. 3421-F dated 30.06.2014, Source

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