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    THE RIGHT OF CHILDREN TO FREE COMPULSORY EDUCATION ACT.-2009, Vide No. 35 of 2009, Section – 19& 25
    Teachers Students ratio in a Primary school :- 1) Up to 60 students – 2Teachers. 2) 61 to 90 – 3 Teachers. 3) 91 to 120 – 4 Teacher. 5) 121 to 200 – 5 Teachers. 6) Above 150:- 5 + 1 Head Teacher. 7) Above 200 :- Pupil Teachers ratio shall not exceed 40 excluding Head Teacher.
    We know that any Institution can not run smoothly without Head of The Institution. Now my question, where Roll Strength below 150. 1) Will run those without Head Teacher? 2) If the School is Head Teacher less, who will control the School? 3) Who will take This charge as Head Teacher in-charge? 4) Will he/she get any allowance as a T.I.C?
    There are so many more questions arise. Please anybody share with me.


    As per the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, per 30 students 1 teacher is considered as standard. Students strength above 150, 1 Head teacher is considered.
    As you said for roll strength less than 150, in my opinion this may be the scenario:
    i) The School will run without head teacher.
    ii) All the teachers will act directly under concerned S.I.
    iii) The senior most teacher may act as Teacher-in-Charge.
    iv) No additional allowance is admissible.


    Normally VEC resolves to appoint a Senior Teacher as TIC, if denied by Senior Teacher , next one… … under intimation to SI…

    No AGP was granted as per G.O. 181 dated 8-10-09 for primary schools!


    what will happen where the existing H.T of the pry. school running with below 150 students ?


    We have to wait for proper instruction.

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