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      I joined as Assistant Engineer in a Govt. Directorate on 16.09.96 through a selection process (only interview) held by PSC vide Ad. No.8/1993. Few departmental SAEs challenged the selection process in SAT and subsequently in Hon’ble Division Bench of High Court for not being called for the Interview and Hon’ble High Court set aside the selection process of Ad.no.8/1993 of PSC for not conducting the written test and for not taking the exigency of the Governor of WB for holding interview only and I was terminated on 31.03.2000. I joined in the same post and directorate on contract service on 01.04.2000.The Hon’ble High Court also passed the order for a fresh selection process of the said Ad.no.as early as possible preferably within six months from the date of the order of 08.09.1999. PSC announced on 14.10.2000 for fresh selection of the previous Ad.No.8/1993 through written test and interview for the candidates who applied previously (No new application was invited).I was selected and joined again in the same post and directorate on 23.08.01 after relinquishing charge of contract service on the same day. The aggrieved SAEs qualified the written test but did not in the interview. In the meanwhile unfortunately a fresh batch of Assistant Engineers were recommended by PSC on 16.11.2000 through a selection process vide Ad no.9/1999 of PSC and they joined in the directorate around June’01 and placed senior to me. Had the selection process for the second time for us been completed within six months as directed by the Hon’ble High Court i.e by March/April-2000 this complexity would be avoided.I was placed junior to the batch who joined around june’2001 in the gradation list and promoted to the post of EE on 26.12.2007 after them. Subsequently recently two SE post were Vacant and two out of them were promoted and I am still in the post of EE. Being 5-6 years senior and joined in the directorate well before the batch who joined around june’01 ,now I feel humiliation and is very difficult to carry on the job.
      My question:-Is there any legal point of view through which this type of malady can be mitigated ?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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