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Appointment of Urdu knowing teachers in URDU medium Schools

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    Under West Bengal SC/ST (Reservation in Vacancies Act ) 1976 the appointment and promotions are done as per 100point and 50 point roster system. But what about the application of the roster system in appointment of teachers in URDU Medium Schools(Minority Schools) where in Muslim Caste there is no concept of SC or ST.As a result, once vacancy occurred in those URDU medium schools it is continuing for years together and no de- reservation has been done in spite of the approaches made at different political and bureaucratic levels. Can this vacancy be filled up by URDU language knowing OBC from Muslims Caste? If so under what rules? How these vacancies can be de-reserved for Urdu language knowing teachers for their appointment? Due to the law of reservation the educational standard in URDU medium schools has gone to the hell. There are hardly 25 to 30% teachers in those schools. Education some how is continuing with the help of contractual teachers that too at a very meagre remuneration.What is the policy of West Bengal Government on this issue and what are the ways to get the vacancies of ST/SC dereserved in URDU Medium School. Please guide and advice.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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