Can a Govt. Servant form or join NGOs?

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    I’m a State Government Officer under a Directorate. Do i need any prior approval from the Government to form or join NGOs? The NGOs are apolitical, not-for-profit organisations that work for the Civil Society and Human Rights (e.g. International Human Rights Commission). My involvement will also be outside the purview of any “valuable consideration”.


    Yes. You need it since you are a full timer in Government job. The P&AR Department goes through the Memorandum of Association of the NGO, its activities and then allows conditionally if there is nothing adverse against the NGO.


    Thanks. Two questions, for your perusal. (1) How could I seek permission for joining NGO like NHRC as ordinary member? Are not credentials of such NGOs well-known to the Government and such credentials are not already verified outside their Memorandum of Association?
    (2) Regarding formation of NGO, when should I seek permission? When I intend to form or when I form the NGO and place the MoA before the Governmental Sanctioning Authority?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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