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CAS and Pay Protection

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      I am posting a problem of my senior. Would anyone please suggest the right direction?
      1. He was appointed as District Information & Cultural Officer on 27.03.1989 in the pay scale of 440—1170, subsequently revised as 1400—3100 (Ropa 90) and 1640—3635 (Ropa 90) in the pay scale no 14.
      2. Promoted to the post of Assistant director on 13.06.1994 in the pay scale of 2200—4000. Scale no 16.
      3. Completed 8 years of service on 26.03.1997 and no CAS given.
      4. Completed 16 years of service on 26.03.2005 and he was not given CAS benefit except fixation benefit in the same scale no 16 that is 8000—13500 (Ropa 98).
      5. He was promoted to the post of Deputy Director on 10.03.2006 and his pay was fixed in scale no 17 that is 10000—15500.
      Now, his juniors who were appointed as assistant directors in 1996 are now getting scale no 18 (enjoying CAS). But he is still getting scale no 17 being senior to them.
      My question is what should be his ideal pay scale now?
      One more question — Is benefit of CAS available to all categories of employees? and whether ex-cadre posts (non promotional) are eligible for CAS? If yes, then what should be the modality? only increment like teachers or higher pay scale?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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