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Case of HRA

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      I am a bachelor employed in central govt dept. My department provides me HRA based on my entitlement since i am not occupying accommodation provided by the dept. I however wish to reside in another departments (central govt) guest room (not an allotted quarter) . Can i claim HRA from my department as i am paying guest room charges to another department.


        Yes, you can claim HRA.


          Direct Order not available to me.
          However, you may refer to the Govt. of India, Ministry of Finance, Office Memorandum No. 2(39)/94-E II dated the 27th October, 1994 regarding HRA while staying in State Bhavans/Guest Houses.
          “It has been desided that the officials who are posted to the Centre and who stay temporarily in State Bhavans/Guest Houses run by the State Government/ Autonomous Organizations may be reimbursed the amount of rent paid by them in excess of 10% of their basic pay or the HRA admissible to them, whichever is less, subject to the fulfilment of the following conditions:-
          (a) The official has applied for accommodation of his entitlement, subject to the exception of cities as specified in Para 4(ii), as amended from time to time but has not been alloted residential accommodation by the Government.
          (b) The concerned Guest House should be located at the place of posting of the official.
          (c) The official must have stayed in the State Bhavans/Guest Houses run by the State Government/ Autonomous Organizations and submit rent receipts in support of payment of rent.
          The pay for the purpose of these orders shall be pay as defined in FR 9(21) (a) (i) and will include non-practising allowance and stagnation increment.”

          According to the Govt. of India, Mins. Communication Letter No. 14-4/85-NB dtd the 26th November,1985: “Female Govt. servants residing in the Western House Hostel and the Working Girls’ Hostel, Delhi, or elsewhere in Government-run hostels are not entitled to House Rent Allowance. Govt. servants living in hostels run by Autonomous and semi-Govt. Organizations, which are not run on commercial lines (i.e. Central Govt. employees allotted hostel accommodation are not charged market rent, bout a subsidized rent), would not be entitled to HRA.”
          Source: Swamy’s Compilation of FRSR, Part-V: HRA and CCA


            As per the FR & SR, Part – IV, (No HRA if occupying Government accommodation) HRA not admissible to those provided with Government accommodation.
            I am not sure if Guest House can be treated as Government accommodation as mentioned above. If it is then you are not eligible for HRA.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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