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    The recent trend in Govt establishments is that there are fewer permanent staffs and more more casual workers- for doing day to day menial works and some are for specialised works. But all are clubbed together under Group C or D. But there are few who are more qualified and have specialized skills for which there is no sanctioned posts. The BTechs, MCAs are such unfortunate persons.
    Neither they are getting remuneration commensurate with their academic and work profile nor they are getting any additional benefit.
    Other than these, when it comes to getting benefits like DA, HRA etc, the regular staffs are getting the benefit. But it is strange that when all are working for the Govt, why this kind of discrimination. May be the casuals were engaged on ad-hoc basis, but when they are retained for 10years or more, dont they deserve some of the additional benefits!
    The govt staffs will get 15% DA from January 2018, then the Pay commission will come into very soon. This will create more anomaly in the payment structure. The Govt should give it a thought that the Casuals also feels the pinch of the price rise and they have family to maintain.
    Hope to get some good news from this Govt who cares.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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