D.EL.ED Course starting for In-Service Primary Teacher

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    MD IRSHAD ALAM wrote:
    Is there any option of change of venue for D.ed training?

    MD IRSHAD ALAM sir ,my mean is not to hurt you…but what you say this time if you say it earlier…than it will be easy to understood everyone ……
    **but lots of si say different….they say only one thing that till now NO NEWS…….
    MD IRSHAD ALAM sir..now say what is your suggestion ??


    No Sir I am not hurted.
    This forum is accessible by everyone so i am very much careful of what i am posting here.
    Thanx very much.Its nice to talk to you.


    mr torkona in your post we are seeing that total class will be 26 days but in 2 year dled scheduled was written class will be 52 days.


    In two years there would be total how much class?


    Today was a meeting at W.B.B.P.E’ s venue regarding the management of 1 yr bridge and 2 yr D.El.Ed. course with Chairpersons,
    D.I(PE) of all districts and centre in charge of all training centre.
    Then what is latest updates of this meeting


    ***[for 1 year bridge course(ODL MODE) and 2 year D.El.Ed(ODL MODE) in service teacher training]***
    Asamarthito sutra theke khabor paoa ge6e j gatokal samasto D.Ed and B.Ed colleger principal_der meeting hoye6e.sekhane siddhanto neoa hoye6e j kono saturday and sunday te class hobe na.class hobe summerer chhuti,pujor chhuti and barodiner chhutite.1 year bridge courser janyo 24ta athoba 26ta class hobe sarabachhore and 2year D.El.Ed_er janyo mot dubachhore 48 athoba 52ta class hobe.1year bridge courser janyo B.Ed college ebong 2years D.El.Ed_er janyo D.Ed/PTTI college gulo k study centre hisebe neoa hobe.JARA VORTI HOYECHE ATHOBA JARA VORTI HOINI TADER STUDY CENTRE PARIBARTAN HOTE PARE STUDENTDER SUBIDHAR JANYO.SABAI JENO EI MONDAY (may be vary) TE NIJO NIJO S.I. Of SCHOOLS er OFFICE A JOGAJOG KORBEN…..[attachment=0]new222.jpg[/attachment][attachment=1]new123.jpg[/attachment]


    Great news
    Thank u
    I also heard from reliable source till further order training is postponed.


    Thank you Munna For your upload .Sir please ektu kjonj niye janaben je jesamasto teacher ra D.O./B.L.O.r kaz Karen tara ki bhabe pujar chhutite tana class korben pratyek bachar to pujar chhutite electioneer kaz cholbe B.L.O. ra taboo parben D.O. ra to school chhere berotei parbenna .


    what is the latest news of deled


    Munna Sir Irshad Sir what is news of d.el.ed in your district?


    A meeting regarding this was scheduled to held on 19 april(Today) but due to some reasons it is cancelled.
    Further notice will come in due course.


    thanks Sir
    if you get any updated news about deled please post for us.


    Training will start soon.
    List of new training centre has come.
    Contact to S.I. office.
    Expected schedule of training is from 22nd May 13 to 7th june 13


    sir ,do you know will the training be including Sunday and holiday ?

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