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Delaying the issuance of appointment letter

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    Dear All,
    I have been selected as an Assistant Master under WB school education dept. The recruitment examination was conducted by PSC and the result was out on August 2016.So,13-14 months have passed but I have not got the appointment letter yet.All my reports like Police VR,medical report have already reached Bikash Bhavan.Every time I go to the Dept. to enquire about it,I’m told that the appointment letter will be sent SOON.but the soon never comes.The dept has been procrastinating the issuance for long.
    So,Can I do anything,in my individual capacity, to push the officials a bit to hasten the procedure??
    Please help me if possible.your reply will highly be appreciated. Thanks for your patience reading.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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