Disparity in Salary of a Senior Employee to his Junior

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    Dear friends,
    An employee named X was appointed on 12.9.1990 while his junior say Y in the same post was appointed on 1.1.1991. After ROPA 1998 Mr. X drew revised salary from 12.9.1996 while Mr.Y drew the revised salary which was identical and same as of his senior Y due to fixation from 1.1.1996 as per their option.Now Please Note that the junior Y drew the same salary as that of senior X nine months before i.e. on 1.1.1996 Again after 10yrs CAS on 12.9.2000 Mr. X is drawing less salary compared to Mr. Y who got 8yrs MCAS on 1.1.2001. Why is there such a disparity?Please suggest some opinions regarding this . I will soon upload a detailed pay fixation of the above case till then can anyone suggest me what has basically gone wrong or what are the rules ? As the senior officer is drawing less pay then his junior.
    Thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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