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Duration of Leave without Pay

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      I have one friend who is a teacher and currently doing his PhD from a reputed university after getting necessary permission from the M.C of the school. Now he is getting a prestigious scholership with fellowship & for that he is required a three (3) years leave from his school. Now my question is that how many years he is entitled to get a leave without pay without jeopardising his job ?


        Notificatio No. 1541-Edn (S) /21-2/77, dated 15.12.1977 and Circular No. S/Mc-386/81, Date: 07.07.1981 say
        7. Extraordinary leave
        If for any unforeseen reason a teacher or a non-teaching employee of a school fails to attend his or her duties and if there is no other leave due at his or her credit he or she may be granted leave without pay at the discretion of the Managing Committee for a period not exceeding two years.
        But for doing Ph.D., one needs to take permission from the concerned DIs.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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