EOL vs Break Service

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    Duration of EOL LWP & Break Service ( less than 1 year ) is not counted for qualifying service ; What is the difference between these regarding financial aspect ?


    By the Length of service, Gratuity and Pension (Now 20 years of qualifying service for pension) are calculated.


    Extraordinary Leave without pay or with pay is counted as part of service…If LWP is Extraordinary Leave without Pay then it is also part of service…..otherwise specific order is required to ascertain its status…Break in service is different….as the name suggests the period of break in service is not considered as part of service….Even, period spent under suspension is not treated as part of service unless specific order is there to treat it otherwise….Increment/to be entitled to be considered for Promotion/pensionary benefits etc are usually differed for enjoying EOL etc during the service tenure…for Break in Service without forfeiture of past service, the period in question is deducted from his service length…therefore impact is obvious…but impact is ultimate for Break in Service with forfeiture of past service…



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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