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Filling Attestation Form

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      dear all users, it is a request to all of you plzzz give me right information its about my life and career.
      as i am selected in bank as PO, bank has asked me to fill attestation form.
      the problem is, i have paid fine of Rs. 2500 for motor vehicle act sec 184 , 185 in court.
      sec 184 — dangerous driving
      sec 185—- vehicle driving dy drunk person
      four year back at my graduation place ie banglore
      do i write about these in attestation form?
      Q1>…….if yes then what happen
      Q2>……. if no then what
      and one more question is that
      where the police verification done by employer as currently i am staying at my home district from last 4 yrs lucknow
      plzz help have to fill form with in five days

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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