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    Many employees of the government of West Bengal and Central government do not know that all the rules regulations and service related issues regarding dismissal removal suspension and pay parity have been derived from the Fundamental Rules 1922. These rules are applicable on all the state government as well as central government employees and are explanatory on many of the issues. When the defunct machinery of the state government does not mend its regulations by amending suitably according to the Supreme Court or High Court rulings then the matter is challenged before the court under Fundamental Rules which is the powerhouse of all the rules and regulations. Search the web and you will come to know of its power. There are many beneficial orders for the employees upon which West Bengal Government is silent causing miseries and sufferings to its employees. I would request my friends of this forum who are in the state government to study the issue, download the amended version of Fundamental Rules and post it on this forum to enlighten the members. I will emphasise to pay special attention on the matters of pay, dismissal, removal and suspension. It is the Fundamental Rules which often come to the rescue of the employees when they are oppressed by the superior officers and colleagues due to poor knowledge of service law, rules and regulations. Please start a discussion on this issue to spread awareness.


    sir, from where do I get to know about these rules?


    Here is the summary of fundamental rules.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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