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    can any body send me a D.T.A memo no.21/G/353-A dt. 25/02/1988. This memo explains how to deduct GISS shortfall due to change of groupin service for functional & non-functional promotion.


    Government of West Bengal
    Office of the Director of Treasuries & Accounts
    Stephen House (4th floor)
    4, B.B.D. Bug (East), Culcutta-1

    No.21/G/353DTA Calcutta. 25.2.1988


    Sub: Adjustment of Group Insurance-cum-Saving Scheme, 1987 money erroneously deducted.

    It has been brought to notice that some Drawing and Disbursing Officer realised subscription from the employee in excess/Less than admissible under rule of Group Insurance-cum-Saving Scheme, 1987. As for example subscription was realised from Group ‘C’ employee @ Rs. 40 per month in place of Rs. 20 p.m. and similarly subscription @ Rs. 20/-p.m. from a Group ‘B’ employee in lieu of Rs. 40 per month. The said erroneous deduction in the Group Insurance-cum-Saving Scheme, 1987 may be regularised by subsequent adjustment in the salary bill of concerned employees. As an example where excess realisation of subscription was made, the same may be adjusted by non-recovery of subscription in subsequent month/ months by D.D.O. and where less realisation of subscription was made, the same may be adjusted by recovery of balance amount without any interest in subsequent month forthwith by D.D.O. Necessary certificate to that effect will be submitted by D.D.O. on the body of salary bill and also in Annexure ‘A’

    Director of Treasuries & Accounts, West
    Bengal & Ex-officio Deputy Secretary,
    Government of West Bengal, Finance Deptt.


    I don’t know how this kind of omission may occur. It does not need much sharp brain to understand the matter. Moreover, the treasury should not pass the bill having such erroneous subscription.


    Thaaaaank u, very very much.I knew only u r the person who can help in this matter.actually no body here in my office to let me know about this type of orders. thank u again.—dipankar


    You are welcome:)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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