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If overdrawn how to fix

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      Hi friends,
      I served as an A.T.(Pass) in a Govt. aided school from 27.05.2006 to 02.12.2013. I joined as an Hons. graduate teacher to another school dated 03.12.2013 through SSC.As on LPC obtained from previous school
      Pay in payband-11620,GP-4100,DA-8174 etc.
      In my present school pay in payband was calculated 11720,GP-4700 etc(got for 29 days accordingly). Now my H.M. is saying my pay in payband was 11620 instead of 11720.So I ought to return the overdrawn since then.
      Is he right now? If yes ,what will be the calculation?
      Please reply and help me as soon as possible.


        Yes, your HM of new school is right. In your new school, Your BP will be 11620/- + 4700/- = 16320/- . I enclose a proforma to calculate your overdrawn. Calculate and extra payment by TR 7.


          Grant-in-Account (School Salary-Receiving Account) has been closed by the DI. So your amount will be deducted directly from your salary. Please keep all the related papers, properly signed by the HM, and update the Service-Book accordingly.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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