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Incremental benefit for untrained teachers beyond five years

Home Forums Pay & Allowances Incremental benefit for untrained teachers beyond five years

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    As per ROPA 2009 and 1998, 1988 incremental benefit is allowed for the first five years (ie one should get trained within five years of appointment) , so 4 increments are allowed after that it is stopped till completion of 10th year ie on 11th year usual annual increments will be allowed. But in a recent order  vide Memo no. 806-SE/S/10M-29/16(Pt III) dtd 08/07/2019 with reference to Memo no. 118-SE/S/10M-29/16 dtd 06/02/2018 and G.O.No.759-SE (S)/2P-01/2009 dated 30th July, 2009 ( this order extended the term for completion of B.Ed to 2012) it has stated that the benefit of increments will be given to untrained teachers who were not able to get themselves trained .
    It mentioned that Teachers appointed after 2002 within 01/07/2015 are also allowed increments for the entire period of 2002 to 2015. 
    Was similar order issued in 2001 for teachers appointed before or after 1/4/1981 who opted for ROPA 1981 ?  In memo no. 394-SE /5S-150/98 dtd 7/8/2001 it states that ” All existing untrained secondary school teachers and those who will be appointed on or after 1/4/1981 shall be allowed annual increments in the revised scale of pay for a maximum period of 5 (five) years within which they will have to get themselves trained failing which their increments will be stopped till they get themselves trained.” . What does this mean? Does it mean that a teacher will get five year more from 1/1/86? If a teacher appointed on 1/4/81 fails to get trained within five years , he/she will receive annual increment continuously till 1/1/91 ( ie five years start from 1/1/86  (1/1/86 being the effective date of ROPA 88). 1/1/86 to 1/1/91= 5 year


    I got CAS on 23.12.2017 (8 yrs PB 5400 to 6600GP) In that case i choose my option on the date of promotion ie 23.12.17 (pay fixation) . Is it possible put in the option form.
    Pls help me the guide of demo of salary of an employee with 25% NPA and drawing CAS 8 Years in 23.12.17.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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