Indian Railways Employees – Central Govt or Not

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    Sir,I am working in Indian railways (Ministry of Railways) production plant in Rail Wheel Factory and my wife as a Assistant teacher in Government of Karnataka Education Department.
    Hence my wife applied transfer sought
    to under “Both couple working in Government” priority along with my service/employer certificate,but Karnataka education department not considering the both couple working in Government priority. Regarding that I enquired the same education department,they were replied indian railways not a central government that’s a corporation/enterprise’s and controlled by railway board,similarly equal to universities/state corporations/PSU etc,your not a central government employee or not a departmental employee because not considar in this priority.
    But Income tax,Sales tax, Indian Postal employees are considered in this priority. Regarding the above quiries please give me the clarification/Suggestion for what next ?
    Thanking you.


    Indian Railways is not PSU but it is entirely a Government set up and a Railways employee is a Government employee. A government employee’s payment is disbursed from Consolidated Fund of India as like the employee of Railways. The revenue earned by Railways is deposited to the Government Account i.e. to the Consolidated Fund of India. However, in case of any doubt you may get the clarification from its website or else you may put up an RTI petition to the Ministry of Railways seeking the specific relevant query. In this regard, you may contact with me on my mail ID, if you think any kind of assistance required for drafting RTI petiotion.
    My mail ID: s_motilal02@yahoo.co.in

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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