Is there any punishment for me (disabled person)

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    This b kumars, working as a tech. I joined railway in febuary, 2013. I applied for this post both railway SERly ERly in Dec, 2012 asper adv. minimum qualification M.P. and I.T.I. My H.S. was completed in 2008 but unfortunately I didn’t mentioned in in my application form. I had been selected first Southeast Rly 2013. At the time of Attestation and document very vacation I had closed HS certificate and P.V.R the H.S. certificate . I had been farther selected Eastern railway at same post . I had took technical resignation and joined Erly2015 . but at the time of (E.RLY) attestation I informed about my H.S .they ignored . When I got the job, my dealing clerk didn’t add my H.S. qualification in my service record as I did not mentioned it in my application form. Now please suggest me how can I add my H.s. qualification in my service record. What should I do?

    .my service continuing from S,E.rly to Erly. My service book will come from Southeastern rly to ERly .i applied W.P.O for adding H.s. certificate but ignore to revived to accepted my request letter. . eastern rail way sent farther P.V.R. M.P. and iti can it problem P.V.R. without H.S.. Shall i be punished suppressed fact .how I add my h.s. or how mercy for my mistake .my dealer always threat about disciplinary action.
    please give suggestion to save this problem . i am a55% disable person

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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