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issuing of various certificates from Durgapur and Bankura

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    I am living and working as a Scientist in Norway. My wife is from Durgapur, West Bengal. She is single child to her parents. My mother-in-law has died last month and after her death, my Father-in-law lives alone in Durgapur. There is on one to take care of him. We want to apply for his (my father-in-law) residence in Norway so that he can live with us. We need following documents from India for his residence application in Norway.      
    1) birth certificate of my father-in-law 2) family relation/member certificate showing my wife is only child to her parents 3) Marital status of my father-in-law as widower 4) death certificates of parents of my father-in-law
    We are visiting India now and staying in Durgapur for last 10 days. We went to Durgapur municipality Corporation, Sub-divisional magistrate office Durgapur for issuance of family member certificate and widower certificate. We are going to each and every authority with death certificate of my mother-in-law, court affidavit furnished by my father-in-law, and my father-in-law local councilor attestation about these but no authority is ready to issue any certificate. They even deny that there is any family registration record from where they can provide it. Please suggest where and how to get such documents. Can we apply online if we could not get it during our stay in India?
    We also went to Bankura Municipality corporation and Sub-divisional Magistrate office for making birth certificate of my father-in-law and death certificate of his parents. My father-in-law has no medical evidence of his birth place and time but he has his  Education certificates , Aadhar etc. showing his birth date. Authorities are not ready to issue a birth certificate to him. My father-in-law also does not have any medical proof of his parents death therefore we requested to authorities to issue a death certificate of my father-in-law’s parents from voter registration, ration card or population register or such records. The authorities said that they cannot issue any such certificate as they cannot check the records and neither they could issue any non-availability of records certificate. They do not tell also how it will be issued to what to do in this regard. Please suggest how to get these certificates. 
    It is very difficult for my 71 years old father-in-law to survive here alone as no one is here to take care of him.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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