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    Let’s any school teacher is absent without information to HOI then what step will be taken


    According to manual, HOI may take step against such teacher.


    If School M.C. declines to take step ; what action should be taken by the HOI ?



    To: The Headmaster, Kandara J.M. High School

    Sub: Clarification of Leave Rules.
    Ref: His letter No. 33/KJMHS/80 dated 24.05.80.

    In reply to his query made in his letter under reference the undersigned is directed to state seriatim the following:-

    1. Whether the casual leave can be availed of by the staff of the school without assigning any reason for their absence in writing?

    1. Casual leave can be availed of only after it is duly sanctioned. In exceptional circumstances, a staff of the school may remain absent from duty without prior sanction; provided subsequently he submits on application justifying his absence at the earliest opportunity.
    The question of enjoying casual leave or any kind of leave without submitting application does not, therefore, arise.

    2. Whether staff of the school can take leave on Medical Ground without submitting any Medical Certificate thereof?

    2. A staff of the school remaining absent in the school for 3 days or less is not required to submit the Medical Certificate thereof.
    3. Whether the teachers are bound to take classes of the absentee teachers of the school?

    3. Attention is drawn to the Govt. Notification No. 772-Edn. (S) dated 8.7.74 which reads there—
    The teaching load for a teacher should normally be 36 periods per week, distributed as follows (a) Class room teaching— 25 periods (including occasional work for absentee teachers), (b) Tutorial Class-II (including correction of home work).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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