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Maternity Leave rules for New Teacher

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      My wife has recently joined school on 29 Nov 2013 as Assistant teacher in additional post.She is currently pregnant.Please can you let me know if she is entitled to get Maternity leave.If so can you please post the rules for supporting the same?
      Thanks in advance.


        Yes, She will get the maternity leave as usual.
        1) Prayer to the MC.with Medical Certificate,
        2) MC will take resolution,
        HM will forward for sanctiong the leave to the Secretary, WBBSE with the following documents:-
        1) Prayer of your wife,
        2) MC Resolution,
        3) Medical Certificate,
        4) Approval of appointment,( if approval is not yet been received, then Recommendation,appointment letter, joining letter,apply for approval’s letter)
        5) Post Sanctioning Memo.
        ( Board’s No. S/137 dt. 29/04/92 and No. HOW/105/07/G dt. 10/01/2007.


          Thanks a ton for your prompt reply.However the Hm and managing committe are trying to convince that she is not eligible for maternity leave.They are saying that my wife will have to take no pay leave and in worse case service break.i am not sure exactly what i can do.please could you guide me under this situatiob.


            Sorry sir, The nos. were the letter from the school and the answer of the board.
            I have furnished the photo copy of the same. Please take a print and the necessity action from here.


              yes,of course she can enjoy maternity leave as per service rule.you can c the manual or can contact concerned DI office

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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