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Mistake in ROPA Option

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    Date of joining 02.01.1982 scale of pay 300-10-400-15-565 , pay revision as per R O P A 90 w.e.f 02.01.86 Rs. 1140 (scale of pay 1040-25-1215-30-1485-351590-401670-500-1920). Unfortunately one additional increment for 10 years benefit being omitted (due on 02.01.92 )and therefore scale as on 1.1.96 has been recorded as 1425 ( in place of Rs. 1455) in the form of Option in calculating the scale to be fitted under ROPA-98 and on the basis of Rs. 1425 scale has been fitted as Rs 4400 (in place of 4500). Actually it should be 4500 on the basic scale as Rs 1455 as on 1.1.1996 and thus there is a mistake and the incumbent is in a loosing position in his pay of scale. How it can be adjusted after rectifying the Option form? What should he do in preparing his service book as well as to recover his arrears at the verge of his retirement.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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