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    Dear member
    I want to add my new born baby into wb cashless health scheme.I myself & my wife are already under this scheme having enrollment number ********/1/2,********2/2 respectively at our temporary certificate.Now when I going to add my baby’s name as beneficiay through DDO login ,it appears on temporary certificate of ours that new enrollment ID has been generated as *****1/3,******2/3 & ********3/3( my baby).So my question is should I send all three new certificate for approval or only the certificate of my baby requires to be approved & sent to medical cell?




    Since you and your wife are already enrolled under the scheme and you have “Certificate for Enrolment” duly attested by the DDO, therefore, you need not generate the same thing again.
    You have already sent a copy of the Certificates to the Medical Cell, Finance Dept. bearing a Office Memo of your DDO.
    You should only add new beneficiary following the same process, generate the certificate for new beneficiary, get it signed by DDO and send a copy to the Medical Cell.


    Can a teacher of any sponsored institution join the scheme??

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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