No. 61-Edn(HS) dated 11.05.1978

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  • July 22, 2013 at 3:50 pm #69058

    Can anyone please upload the G.O. 61-Edn(HS)/3S-27/77 dated 11.05.1978 of Dy. Secretary, School Education Department (H.S. Branch).
    Its urgent and any help would be cordially appreciated.

    July 23, 2013 at 4:30 pm #78353

    Education Department
    H. S. Branch

    No. 61-Edn(HS)/3S-27/77, Dated: Calcutta, the 11th May, 1978
    To : The Director of Secondary Education, West Bengal.
    Sub : Sanction of whole-time teachers for the Higher Secondary Institutions in integrated form.
    Ref : His U. O. No. 578/HS, dated 10.12.77.
    The undersigned is directed to state that the question of prescribing a new staff pattern for the institution having new Higher Secondary Courses (Classes XI & XII) introduced from July, 1976 has been under active consideration of the Government.
    2. Pending formulation of the policy in this respect, the Governor is pleased to decide that from 1.4.78 the schools having new Higher Secondary Course (Classes XI & XII) may appoint whole-time teachers on ad-hoc basis, subject to the following conditions :
    (a) The number of whole-time teachers to be appointed, according to requirement, should not exceed 2 (two) in any school and the total number of schools to be covered during the current financial year shall not exceed 900 (nine hundred).
    (b) The teachers must have the minimum qualifications prescribed by the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education.
    (c) The scale of pay of the whole-time teachers so appointed should be the same as prescribed for teachers in Secondary Schools with comparable qualifications.
    (d) The selection and appointment of teachers will be made provisionally (on a temporary basis) by the Managing Committee of each school subject to the approval of the Director of Secondary Education or an Officer, not below the rank District Inspector of Schools, authorised by him.
    (e) The teaching load for a teacher should normally be 36 periods per week (25 periods for class-room teaching plus 11 periods for tutorial class, home task).
    (i) For the purpose of calculation of work-load 1 (one) period in the Higher Secondary Section shall be taken to be equivalent to 1.25 times the period in the Secondary Section (Class V to X).
    (ii) Qualified teachers on the staff of the school may be given preference in the matter of selection and appointment and consequential vacancy may be filed up temporarily according to the staff pattern. An M.A. for instance, serving against a post meant for a B. A., according to the staff pattern and drawing pay in the scale of a (Pass) graduate may be temporarily appointed, if otherwise suitable, against one of the posts now sanctioned and consequential vacancy may be filled up by a pass graduate.
    3. The expenditure on payment of salaries of the new teachers from 1.4.78 will be met from grants-in-aid to each school under the Salary Deficit Scheme. The tuition fees of the students of the Higher Secondary Section will accordingly go to the fund of the schools and will be taken into account in calculating the amount of grant payable under the Salary Deficit Scheme. The cases of schools/institutions, if any, which are not covered by the Salary Deficit Scheme may be referred to Govt, for further orders. The Grants-in-aid to be sanctioned from the current financial year to the Higher Secondary institution as incidental charges will be reduced proportionately and determined separately.
    4. The charge involved will be met from the provision under the appropriate head in the current year’s 277 Edn. (excluding Sports & Youth Welfare) Budget.
    5. The order issues with the concurrence of the Finance Department vide their U.O. No. Group B 1267 dated 21.4.78.
    Sd/-S. N. Chowdhury
    Deputy Secretary.

    July 24, 2013 at 8:39 am #78360

    thanks a ton.

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