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    What is the condition of non-refundable withdrawal from the P F Fund ? Any rule or circular plz.


    * If you are a teacher, then you may apply for non-refundable P.F. loan after the completion of 15 years of service or within 10 years before the date of your retirement,whichever is earlier. ( No. 458-SE /1M-96/2005 dated 16.12.2005)
    **Your advance may be allowed on the following grounds-
    1) Medical ground, 2) marriage of son/daughter, 3) purchase a land/flat, 4) construction of a building, 5) higher education for children.
    ***The amount shall not exceed 3/4(three-fourth) of the balance standing 31st March of the previous year.
    ****Your loan will be sanctioned by the H.M.
    *****In case of H.M., such loan will be sanctioned by the Secretary/Administrator.
    You will apply to your authority.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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